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Mother Butter's Popcorn has helped raised money for numerous Chicagoland charities.  If your organization would like to raise money, why not sell popcorn made with the freshest, natural ingredients?

It's very simple:

  1.  Contact us and we will send you a promotional code.
  2. Your organization contacts family, friends and companies by phone, email or personal contact.
  3. Have customers call 1-773-423-POPP (7677) or order on our website and enter the promo code we provide at check out in the message section.
  4. Monthly, we will write your organization a check for your percentage of the sales recorded with the promo code.

CALL 773-423-7677 or email Mike at motherbutterspopcorn@yahoo.com


Chicago Gourmet Popcorn- Creative Fundraising Ideas!